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Does anyone know how to slove my problem ? I developed several sheets of 11x14 film (HP 5+) with PMK pyro in the Jobo 2834 paper drum which holds one sheet of 11x14 and found that clear vertical lines (thinner stain than the other) on the negative. After printing those lines are clearly visible and ruin the image. That never happen with the Expert drums for my 8x10 negatives. There are 12 protrusion lines inside the 2834. They contact with film and make thinner lines. I use a split developer solution and EDTA addictive.

-- Shigehiro Ishii (, January 20, 1999


This _may_ help; I've never successfully processed 8x10 film an a Jobo print drum for the reason you mentioned. However, I routinely process 4x5 and 8x10 in Unicolor print drums without any problems at all, no unevenness.

-- John Hicks / John's Camera Shop (, January 21, 1999.

Yeah, FWIW, I do all my sheet film in Unicolor or Besseler drums as does Ken Hough who shoots up to 12 X 20.

-- Sean yates (, January 21, 1999.

Mr. Ishii:

The Jobo Quarterly Newsletter #6, available on the web at:

describes the problem you are having with lines on your negative, and proposes a solution (see the "Tips and Techniques" section at the end. Jobo manufactures custom inserts for their larger drums which hold the film away from the sides of the drum, and prevent uneven staining. Also, a new book by Sullivan & Weese ("The New Platinum Print") describes a pyro developer specifically designed to minimize the developer oxidation which plagues rotary processors; check out

Good luck.

-- Jay Packer (, January 23, 1999.

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