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The first article I read was "The Myth of Our Failed Education System" by Forrest J. Troy. This article was in The School Administrator September 1998. This was a refreshing article in the fact that it was supportive of public education and looked at the many accomplishments of public education in the United States. The author acknowledges that there are problems but also many successes. Mr. Troy goes on to talk about the many myths such as American students score lower than almost all other countries. That teachers are overpaid. That America is one of the best educated countries in the world. He also attacks the voucher system saying that it is just another way to spell segregation. Mr. Troy doesn't thinks that the failure isn't in the product but in the marketing. He states that public education's public relations are woefully inadequate. Here's how he thinks we should merchandise public education. First never let a newsletter or any other correspondence out of any school that doesn't contain at least one positive stroke. Second, a speaker's bureau for civic clubs, chamber of commerce, etc. Let the community see and hear kids. Third, Create a committee on correspondence. He feels that we need to challenge the mistaken, the misinformed at the same time acknowledging honest criticism. After being inundated with negative articles it was nice to read an article that supports public education.

-- Anonymous, January 20, 1999


Dianne - An article that is supportive of public education? I had heard of such things but thought they were myths written by scholars from the continent of Atlantis. Seriously, even with all the meddling from the state, Minnesota schools still rank near the top when comparing test scores. I think we may need to fine tune some aspects of education but disagree with the attitude that we need to try something completely different. I agree with Mr. Troy we need to let people know about the good things we are doing. One of the elementary schools I teach at puts out a newsletter three times a year. We teachers are encouraged to submit an article about one or two projects or activties we are working on. The other elementary school has a Humanties Fair in the spring. Art works, science projects, small research papers, plays, demonstrations and musical performances are presented. The fair runs from 6:00-8:30 and the public is invited to attend. Even with these two examples we need to do more.

-- Anonymous, January 21, 1999

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