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How much higher is the cost of living in Hawaii?

-- Val Morim (, January 19, 1999


Cost of living is as much as 10-65% more than some places on the mainland (10% than California and 65% more than rual Southern US). In 1998, average Hawaii family paid 42% of their income in taxes. For a bag of groceries that you'd pay $21.16 at Meijer in South Bend Indiana or $20.75 in Shop and Stop in Cleveland, Ohio or $25.45 at Hughes Market in Malibu, California, you'd pay $37.32 at Foodland in Kihei, Maui or $28.54 at Daiei in Honolulu.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 19, 1999.

I live in New York City and was contemplating moving to Hawaii -- how does the cost of living compare. It seems like NYC is the most expensive place to live in the US....

-- Aaron Barr (, December 11, 2000.

I moved to Hawaii in 1979 with the military. Moved to California, married a local boy and moved back to Hawaii in 1982. I could not believe how much I, not being an "island girl" missed living in Hawaii! It is such a beautiful and magical place. The cost of living is hard, I have to admit, but there is no place else on Earth that is so worth the high prices. My local boy ipo joined the Military as i was getting out. We moved to Germany. Talk about *HIGH* cost of living! When we went home to Hawaii to visit family, Hawaii seemed so inexpensive compared to Europe! In Europe, if you want a glass of water, you pay $1. with ice $1.50. The average German pays 50% or more of their income in taxes. I miss Hawaii so badly, could never be so happy anywhere else and look forward to the day that my ipo and our four children can return. Cost of living? I caanot put a price tag on happiness.

-- Brenda Garten-Bautista (, September 08, 2001.

The cost to live in Hawaii, I do agree, is expensive. But ther's two parts to it. The good part. Meaning, you have a lot to experience in Hawaii. Many people, places, and things to meet, greet, and enjoy. The bad part. Not everyone is up to the pricing range to live here. Many make a lot of sacrifices to meet the standards. Some would say "you have to live with what you have." Others would just say "tuff!" My opinion, is that no matter what, there is something good that always comes out of what you do. My mom always tells me, "you have to the things you don't want to do, in order to enjoy life." "The more you give, the more you recieve."

-- Maricel Sagucio (, August 19, 2002.

I am a teacher in Georgia. I have been offered a Special Education teaching job in Hawaii. They have offered me incentives, but I am worried about the cost of living. Anyone have an opinion?

-- Jamie Layne (, January 17, 2003.

I and from GA too, and will be graduating within the next year or two with a BS in early childhood. I have spent a considerable amount of time in Hawaii, but not enough to know how much more the cost of living. I do know it is more than Georgia. When you find out, or if you accept the offer please let me know how things turn out. I would love to hear another "Southerners" perspective on the educational system in Hawaii.

-- Laurie Smith (, June 10, 2003.

I was woundering how much it cost to live in hawall to live are there any jobs out there.

-- priscilla chavez (, July 26, 2003.

I live in NYC and have been here for 5 years, how does the cost of living compare to NYC? I am in a 1 room apt paying $1300 a month, $110 elec&gas, 30 on DSL, and for a bag of food its around $30, and thats the no name brand names. How does it compare to Hawaii, cause I need to escape and HI sounds like where I want to go.

-- dustin (, July 26, 2003.

My daughter will be graduating from high school in May'04 and wants to go to college at University of Hawaii-Manoa. She's an exceptional student and person. Could an Arizonaian make it in Hawaii? If my older daughter would move to Hawaii as well. What is the cost of a two bedroom apartment and are there decent jobs available there that can afford the cost of living there?

-- victoria nez (, September 22, 2003.

I've lived on Maui for 17 years. I'm like alot of Haole guys Married a japanese girl. Been married 5 years now.we just recently moved to te mainland(this summer)Our first baby is on the way.We really wanted our own home on Maui, but became very frustrated at the cost of homes. Go to any of the realtor sites like angulo etc. and just see what is available for up to 500,000.00 dollars. It's disgusting! We had to work all the time and could still never even get close to anything we wanted. I really miss the beauty and the surf! But in my opinion if you are not rich and want to live in hawaii, just rent and never get any ambition about owing anything,and you may not spoil your taste for paradise.

-- james kirkpatrick (, September 24, 2004.

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