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I remember hearing that rolled oats would be a good purchase. I have priced 50lb. bags at a local restaurant supply house, and they are very reasonable.

My predicament is, I can't find anything about this product, ie, how to cook, recipes, etc. Can anyone furnish info.

Thanks in advance.

-- Mike (, January 18, 1999



On the off chance this is on the up and up, go buy a box of Quaker 5 min oats, cut out the directions, and insert them (or a copy)in the pail you store the rolled oats in. Now, that's for the traditional oats, not the 1 minute, 90's variety or the instant yuppie variety.

GADS! cr

-- Chuck, night driver (, January 18, 1999.

Mike, our two favorite ways to prepare rolled oats are oatmeal with fruit, and oatmeal raisin cookies. You can also make oatmeal bars. Check any basic cookbook, like Betty Crocker, Good Housekeeping or Joy of Cooking.

-- Mama (a@a.a), January 18, 1999.

Eat them raw with milk, rasins or honey. I'm addicted to them. Whinny whinnee!

-- TTF (, January 18, 1999.

Chuck, why would you say "on the off chance this is on the up an up"?

My cooking abilities amount to a grilled cheese sandwich for my 15 year old.

When I first started following this forum, there were numerous posts that had to do with this kind of thing. Now, one gets questioned for asking this kind of question.

Thanks to all that responded. If my wife wasn't a DWGI, I wouldn't have to be asking this type of question. It sure would be nice to have a woman's perspective. If she complains about the food she has to eat, I swear I'll brain her.

-- Mike (, January 18, 1999.

Hey Mike! Thanks for the laugh! If you can't figure out how to cook a lowley bowl of oatmeal, you might as well just throw in the towel.

-- KIM (DALTON@YVN.COM), January 19, 1999.

Isn't it possible that most of us have grown up eating "oatmeal", not rolled oats? If you haven't done much cooking, you probably wouldn't know they're the same thing. And recipes call for oatmeal, not rolled oats. Give the guy a break.

-- margie mason (, January 19, 1999.

Actually Mike I asked the same question not that long ago. I found out that rolled oats is the same thing as oatmeal. I put some water in a sauce pan bring add a pinch of salt and let the water come to a boil. While it's boiling then start pouring in the rolled oats to suite your taste. The finidhed product will be a sauce pan full of thick oatmeal. If you can stick your spoon in the middle and it stays up then your there. Let the oatmeal boil with the water for a few minutes. Turn off the heat and cover the sauce pan for about 5 minutes. Now it's time to eat. People use different stuff in theor oatmeal. I like a tab of butter, brown sugar and milk. This cooking is something you could practice at right now until you get it perfected. The advanced oatmeal cooker will put a little wheat germ in it - amazing the difference in taste and chemical benefit.

-- Duane (, January 19, 1999.

Grab a copy of Joy of Cooking; the instructions for cooking are well laid out. Also, see if you can find a copy of Betty Crocker's Cookbook, which has a good applecrisp recipe using rolled oats in the topping. Oats go well in bread too.

-- Karen Cook (, January 19, 1999.

Sorry Mike:

I keep forgetting that people:

1) don't share my background (Commune, etc.)

2) May or may not have read the back of a box of oatmeal and found that they consist of " 100% Rolled Oats"

Sorry, but remember we have had some very troll-ish stuff of late asking this type of question.


-- Chuck, night driver (, January 19, 1999.

FWIW, I specifically chose institutional style quaker oats (in the wee packets) for my Emergency Backup Backup stores*. Nutritional, and the best part is that they can be prepared/consumed without having to heat water. During my sailing days, we'd mix a pack of quick oats with a pack of hot chocolate and a spoon full of instant coffee. A splash of water (rum? never....) and voila! a no-spill meal.

Mongo packs available at Sams cheap.

* This is case TSHTF and somebody steals my fan.

-- Lewis (, January 19, 1999.

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