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Vast majority of banks are ready to deal with Y2K

Bank customers need not worry about having access to their money come Jan. 1, 2000.

"We're Year 2000 ready now," said Marvin Thornton, senior vice president and Y2K project executive at SouthTrust's headquarters in Birmingham, Ala. He said the bank spent six months testing how the system handles everything from loan applications to payroll processing and has cross-tested with other banks to make sure everything works.

[Wonderful, know I can put all my money back in the bank so it can earn that whooping 2%, hell at that rate I maybe able to retire before Y3K. It's wonderful to see such honest bankers are in control of all our money. Thats it folks, its time to get that money back in, apparently South Trust has solved the whole y2K banking issue, nothing else to worry about here. One thing I just can't seem to figure out is why South Trust wasn't reported on SEC's filling as being 100% Y2K compliant including end to end user testing. Oh well, if Mr. Thorton say's so thats good for me - there goes those birds chearping again - isn't life just wonder. Apparantly Mr. Thortons South Trust has just solved the entire Y2K global banking crisis, he did say "has cross-tested with other banks to make sure everything works." Jeez this is a special day for me now I can start sending my cousin in Uganda checks again.]

I would certainly hate to be Mr. Thorton's kids when the Alabama town folk come looking for their money in 2000!

Matt - A good friend of old honest Mr. Thorton

-- Matt (, January 18, 1999


OK, Arc, but make sure you're not "structuring". Remember that friendly 10K limit without reporting issue too ....

-- BigDog (, January 18, 1999.

It's not your money anyway! Belongs to the BANK!

A friend just took out twenty thou the other day and the bank told her she couldn't do that. She did it anyway. We've set up roadblocks...God wouldn't it be great to be free again?

-- Mark Hillyard (, January 18, 1999.

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