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Yes folks, the next installment in the Bagga Saga continues in: Return of the Doughnut Troll. Can william casey jr. & Bagga Doughnuts share the same brain, or a bowl of cold rice? Look for it sometime after the first of Feb. when my business trip ends.

Have noticed a BIG difference in Y2K perception from big city folks (where I'm at now) and small town folk. I unfortunately think I will agree with Paul Milne on this note: if you're within a gas-tank's distance of a big city in a 7-11 - You're toast. Can see it already. Have any of you noticed how much more expensive and rare finding things like plastic pails is lately?

Got much catching up to do on my return. I will not be able to check the forum here for a couple of weeks. Capitalistic Trade Shows do interfere with time spent on-line. Best to all.

A Stash, A Bible, A Rifle & A Bagga Doughnuts is alive and well. Episode III will feature Bagga's new sidekick: willy casey. Stay tuned.

-- INVAR (, January 18, 1999


Thank goodness. You vanished about the same time a Jimmy. I thought Jimmy might be the anti-INVAR.

And yes, my sister, a Chicago resident, is getting it. Her friends talk about it now, not just her "crazy" brother in Arizona.

-- Bill (, January 18, 1999.

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