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Cory Hamasaki gives the impression in his latest post that Bob Dole "don't get it". I'm wondering how it is that Elizabeth (I'm assuming) does get it, since she was recently head of the Red Cross. Whassup?

-- Arthur Rambo (, January 18, 1999


Since when do spouces always agree? Mine is a FTGI (refuses to get it). He is very intelligent. He has a master's in MIS. He is working on a Y2K project at work. It is way behind schedule. They are short staffed. The project is not going smoothly. According to Yardeni's model of the progress of S&P 500 co.s, the co. my husband works for is in the top 2-3% in readiness. They started early and are working day & night. My husband knows this. He still does not "get it".

Besides, the recommendations of the Red Cross and what I believe that Cory would say are WORLDS apart.

-- Sue (, January 18, 1999.

Sue - What is an FTGI? I need some more words to put on my wife.

-- dave (, January 18, 1999.

That should read RTGI. (refuses to get it) oops..

-- Sue (, January 18, 1999.

I just wanted to say that my husband's co. appears to be WELLl on the road internal compliance. However, the road has been bumpy and there have been traffic jams and other delays.

As far as my spouce goes... maybe there is hope for him yet. He is thinking and asking more questions about compliance. After doing so TODAY, he appears to have discovered a new system needs replacement. OOHH OOHH... But he says that it should be relatively easy to replace. Let's hope that he is right. The Y2K system project that he is working on was also a replacement.

-- Sue (, January 20, 1999.

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