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Last night I surferdinto a USDA website. From that web site I followed a link (one link) to an article about afarmer preparing for Y2k. I read his farm preparations then posted here to share. I went back and started his reading about his preparations for his family. It did not take me long to think I had been snookered. This story sounds like somethig Milne or North would write. Hence, my second post alerting readers about the credibility of this site. I have since back tracked and indeed it is a government site. As I continued to read other articles on this site, I am finding them to be somewhat extreme. My question is this, the USDA has a disclaimer on the site, but why would they still allow these type of articles to be linked to their site. The links at this site are completely contrary to what we are being told not to do, stock food, fuel, and even withdraw cash? What do you think. click on Y2k challenge and scroll down to Case Study A Farmer prepares for the Year 2000.

-- Linda A. (, January 17, 1999


Linda A.,

I am having a hard time deciphering your perspective of Y2K. Could you provide me with a brief synopsis of your understanding?

Thank You,


-- c (c@c.c), January 17, 1999.

I think what Linda is trying to figure out is whether linking Farmer Joe's story is USDA'a way of "breaking it to us gently". It's a good question.

-- a (a@a.a), January 17, 1999.


In surfing the government and several military web-sites recently, I noticed that practically "to a site" they are strongly urging their specific "industry" group to prepare for Y2K.

The larger mass media governing policy is to keep the "general" people unalarmed and complacent "for the greater good" and to hold the lid on possible panic and bank runs etc. until the military Total Force and including the National Guard are "ready" to cope with those kinds of potential disruptions.

I suspect the Washington chess game being played is to assume that if they tell the industry groups, corporations and small businesses to get Y2K ready that the ripple effect will result in slow and steady preparation, rather than a mass panic.

It's a "different" way to handle the preparedness problems.

Take a spin on the .gov and .mil sites ... "It's An Adventure!" Try the Y2K links off the U. S. Senate Y2K page at: ~y2k/index.html

Have fun!


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 17, 1999.

BTW, Linda,

Later next week I'll spend more time at the USDA area "lurking." I'll be offline for a few days.

It's also important to note, that currently the .gov webmaster sets up the links with or without "security" approval. That will be changing over time and reapportionment of military background personnel into "key" areas.


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 17, 1999.


That was also my general reception of Linda'a post. My question was posed to address the syntax of her sentence referencing Milne and North. It reads as though she views their preparations as 'extreme' when taken in context of the surrounding sentences.

Linda A.,

I have no ulterior motive underlying my question. It is simply an attempt to clarify your position regarding Y2K in MY mind.

Your question is indeed a good one and I am giving it due consideration.


-- c (c@c.c), January 17, 1999.


To each his own. Milne and North seem to be an extreme to me. I am making no judgement on their decisions. Maybe is I could afford it, I would be doing as they are doing. As you read Farmer Ready's plan to prepare, he is doing the very same things North has so often encouraged other to do. I was astounded to see Farmer Ready withdraw cash and buy gold. Farmer Ready's actions are opposite of what our government leaders are telling the public NOT TO DO.

What surprises me about Farmer Ready is that his scenairo is linked to a government site. I am new to the internet but I feel you can not just link up to any site that you desire.

When I try to analyze this I came up with this explaination:

Next to the Iron Triangle the farmer is a very important player.

Farmers are known for being very cautious and not prone to change.

Since food imports might decline a bigger burden may be put on the farmer. Time is running out. An impact must be made on Farmer Ready so that he is prepared.

By having such a link to a US government agency, Farmer Ready realizes that the situation is very real and does prepare.

-- Linda A. (, January 17, 1999.

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