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What size pencil kits do you use? Would you say that you actually use every single pencil color regularly? Which is your favorite?

-- Connie Castillo (, January 17, 1999


I don't buy the kits because I go through so many pencils. I usually buy colors by the box of 12. I use alomost all of the colors because of the amount of blending that I do. I use the white the most then red or green. Why white? After I do an intial color and some blending, I go over everything in white. It makes it easier to do my final blending.

-- Teri Inouye (, January 17, 1999.

It is nice to learn what others use to create their artwork. I have purchased a couple of kits for my son (who has a hidden gift for drawing from someone?)but he, too, prefers to buy separately to get the "colors" he wants. I hope that his talents will lead him to happiness and success as it sounds has happened to you.

-- Anne Higgins (, January 24, 1999.

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