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I had to put new batteris to my old TC. that is 1,5v batteries. now the meter has gone crazy. my other old companion srt101 tells me that i must use 60 / f5.6 at 100 asa but Tc claims that the number is 60 /f5.6 at 800 asa. The TC has an T2 mount lens with no aperture information to the body. Is the meter gone or am i missing something.

thanks jarkko

-- Anonymous, January 17, 1999


Jarko, the TC meter is calibrated to use a 1.35 volt mercury battery which is a different voltage than the button alkaline at 1.5 volts plus the two batteries have very different discharge characteristics. Use the proper battery and the meter should return to its prior behaviour. good luck.

-- Anonymous, January 18, 1999

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