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I just wanted to thank you for all the terrific info. I am FINALLY planning a trip to visit my in-laws in Kaneohi.. this is after 7 years of marriage to their son. I love that I have a good resource for tourist info, restaraunts (though the family says you haven't eatten unless you have gone to Zippy's), and hotels. Thanks for making this info available for all us tourists, and locals alike!

-- Holly E. Price (, January 16, 1999


Glad you can make it over. Zippy's is alright, but I'm sure you'll blow their mind by telling them you want to eat Times Bakery fried rice or the kiawe broiled fresh fish or steak from Buzz's or the garlic shrimp from Crouching Lion ;))) Give us a call when you get here and we'll work out a deal for you 8)))

-- Roy Inouye (, January 17, 1999.

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