Where the hula origionated

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My husband,son and I visited Kauii in 1994. We thought it was just beautiful. We were shown a place where they bring offerings to where the Hula was first started. It was on the side of a cliff. Have you been there? We went to the Wailua Falls and there was a man doing water colors there. He was painting by memory a picture of Lumahai Beach in Kauai. We bought a print, its so pretty, but I can't tell what his signurature is. I think the first name is Alio or alis. would you know. He paints all through the islands I believe. Thankyou. Michelle

-- Michelle Cooper (cmcooper2@webtv.net), January 16, 1999


Have been there. It's Haena Point. the deity Laka set up a heiau for hula there. Sorry, we don't know the artist.

-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), January 17, 1999.

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