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INVAR where have you gone? You disappeared about the same time JBD signed off. Leads one to belive you may be one in the same. INVAR please let us know that Jimmy Bagga isn't the anti-INVAR. Come back with episode 3 of the Jimmy Bagga story and redeem yourself.

-- Bill (, January 16, 1999



I was kinda hoping you left. Guess I will double flush next time.

-- Duane (, January 16, 1999.


INVAR is NOT JBD. I do know who he is, because we corresponded during the worst of JBD's personal attacks. I'll send him a message.


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 16, 1999.

Well, folks I'm truly touched that you actually wondered if I was still drawing breath. NO, I'm not JBD - It sounds like william casey jr. and JBD share the same brain.

I'm currently in ChiTown on business until the 1st of Feb., so I will return with the next installment of the Bagga Saga then. It's a good one.

At the mo- I'm not able to check in with the forum here - or my e-mail for that matter much. I will pop in when I can until I return home.

My best to all. I'll have much catching up to do upon my return.

-- INVAR (, January 18, 1999.

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