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How did you get your start selling your art? Most people up here (Connecticut) display their stuff in coffeehouses, etc., but I wouldn't think that people gather together indoors so much in Hawaii.

-- Emily Crowley (, January 16, 1999


We just went from gallery to gallery for my originals. We started selling our card at Lanikai Craft Fair (pretty well known craft fair). A buyer for Liberty House (major department store chain) saw the cards and picked up the line. From there we have been going to specialty stores and restaurants and continuing to go to galleries. We started the web in 1996.

-- Teri Inouye (, January 16, 1999.

For artwork, it is automatically copyrighted. We havent' used an attorney for our business, but have had friends (some who are attorneys) give us advice on what we need to do. Since we're in a low risk business (not too many people can get hurt from our art), we figured we didn't need an attorney.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 24, 1999.

I am impressed with the diligent efforts to get your product on the market. Did you need to "patent" it in any way? If so, did you go through a lawyer or how did you get started for your "enterprise".

-- Anne Higgins (, January 24, 1999.

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