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I have been reading posts here for sometime about lamps. I want to buy one as I finish up my preparations. I have heard that the Petromax lamp is the best but is very expensive. Is the coleman type lamp a good alternative? I have seen them at Kmart but they don't seem to have any stock left. Also does anyone have a listing of where to purchase either of these?

Thank you.

Also, does anyone know of anyone with Katadyn pocket filters in stock?

-- Lisa Wu (, January 15, 1999

Answers I think Aladdin is best.

-- Blue Himalayan (bh@k2.y), January 15, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've used both brands. Petramax is of a much, much higher quality. Made of nickel plated brass. It's a real work of art and will last 100's of years.

-- fly . (.@...), January 15, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lisa, last I heard, katadyn filters are backordered to the US distributor until sometime around March. Best bet would be to check local yuppie camping stores - I've seen a few of the smaller filters in such places here in the DC metro area - just be ready to pay yuppie camping store prices for them...


-- Arlin H. Adams (, January 15, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Instead of katadyn you might want to take a serious look at this - It filters rain, snow and swimming pool water to drinking water. Mention the name "Duane" and receive 5% discount for being a Y2Ker. Duane

-- Duane (, January 15, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lisa, Petromax can be purchased at:

The back order is about 4 weeks (not crucial now), but is increasing. The Petromax is heads and shoulders better than the Coleman, both in reliability and in light output. Yes, it's expensive, (lamp = $99, reflector = $39) but not overly expensive compared to the Alladin.

There's a difference between the two......the Alladin is intended for decorative purposes and indoor use in a home, while the Petromax, as a military lantern design, provides greater light output than the Alladin and is nearly indestructible.

-- glowing (, January 15, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a good source for a different water filter. The specs are great -- as good as or better than the Katadyn, but the unit is counter top, not a portable back packer's filter.

-- not thirsty (, January 15, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a lantern that I bought from petromax about 2 months ago. My wife won't let me light it!! She says that the finish on it is so impressive and shiny. She thinks that we'll get it "dirty" by using. I will NEVER understand women! The people down there (I think they're from florida or georgia) are really nice to deal with. I saw stove on their web site but my budget was very limited and we only bought the lantern and reflector.

The reason my budget was limited is a dirty little family secret: MY WIFE IS A DGI!

I used to have a Alladin lamp. Actually it was my parents that had it. It was ok, but nothing like the quality of the petromax. I don't really know how bright the petromax is, but it is really well built and the people over there were great. Customer support and attitude mean everything to me!

The only other problem I have is determining where to buy kerosene. From reading posts here, I know that using gasoline indoors is dangerous. I live in northwest NJ and no gas station carries kerosene anymore. I recall them having it in the early 80's when kerosene heaters were in fashion..

-- Jake WIlford (, January 15, 1999.

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-- Thomas N. Takavor (, January 15, 1999



I too live in "New Joyzee". About the only place to get kerosene is a local fuel oil dealer. I live in Rockaway. There is a local dealer here who has the "undyed" clear kerosene in stock. Check out Able Oil. I don't have their phone number handy but they have a web site. I think it's or

I have a friend here who bought one of those petro-maxx lanterns a few months ago. I used it the other day when we went ice fishing and was VERY IMPRESSED. I am usually pretty much of a skeptic, but I'm sold on getting one of these. The web site for 'em: really didn't have anything useful on it other than pictures and prices. What I really want to know is how long it'll run per filling, btuh's etc.. I ran the one I borrowed for about 4 hours and had to shut it off. It was so damn bright it was keeping me awake. When I got back, my friend told me that I could've adjusted the light... Now he tells me :(

Good Luck

Oh.. forgot to mention: Make sure you ask the oil people for CLEAR KEROSENE. The red stuff makes my kerosene heater smoke a bit.

-- Mamo Zasp (, January 16, 1999.

Hey, if you want the lantern, respond to the web site, not to the posts. The people at Petromax can tell you better than those of us out here. BTW, I placed my order two days ago. 4 weeks then.

If you wait another month (until I get mine) it will probably be a 12 week back order. That's the way things are beginning to work with preparation items.

-- glowing (, January 16, 1999.

PS, to respond to a post, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Contribute an answer......., then write your response in the box, same as doing a new thread.

-- glowing (, January 16, 1999.


-- -- (-@-.-), January 16, 1999.

Coleman lanterns are not intended for indoor use. The fuel they use puts out carbon monoxide. Since you have a choice fuels with Petromax- including kerosene- it is definitely a healthier option.

-- Maria (, January 16, 1999.

Maria, Maria, Maria!!!!

ANY BURNING FOSSIL FUEL, as well as others, PRODUCES CO!! the lower on the refinery stack it comes out, the more CO, typically. This is due to the Carbon structure and the ability to completely burn, or not. Kero, and ALL of the lamp oils are VERY much lower on the stack than Coleman fuel (actually water clear naptha).

Hunt up some basic chemistry and run the oxydation reactions, with or with out heat and see what happens.

cr burning kero in the basement, and Coleman in the living room now (in a VERY drafty house) (hi hi)

-- Chuck, night driver (, January 16, 1999.

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