Where have all the Titans Gone!!!?!!?!?!?

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All right, does anyone know what happened to the titans in 3rd edition WH40k!?!?!?!? Armorcast's licence was terminated which means no more 40k titans except at booths in conventions being sold by fat guys in suspenders who smoke pipes!?!?!!?Sheesh!!!!HELP SAVE THE TITANS!!!!DOES ANYONE KNOW IF GW WILL SELL THEM!!!?!?!?!!?

-- I. Love. Titans!!! (rt@flipag.net), January 15, 1999


last i knew GW was going to start making their own titans and such. other wise some of tthose guys might be able to attack you with their suspenders.

-- kain (ig88@mindspring.com), January 16, 1999.

who cares! titans in 40k were sooooo lame.

-- (Stip-e@juno.com), January 17, 1999.

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