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I've had a Pro36 now for about 6 months and every month my Yellow cartridge drys up. I run a prime everyday that I don't use it, but my yellow slowly goes away.

Any ideas of what to do? I've tried blotting the cartridge with water, but it never works. The cartridge is full of yellow ink. I simply throw it away and start again. I do keep the yellow ink though... Not a problem with any of the other cartridges.


-- Anonymous, January 15, 1999


It sounds like your yellow is looseing it's prime. You should have gotten a rubber squeeze sucker thingamajig or a battery powered sucker thingamajig with your machine to get the prime going again. You just remove the cartridge with the tube attached and use one of the two above mentioned objects to start the prime again - you need to be able to see ink in the tube leading to the cartridge with no bubbles. If you need a real description of the thingamajigs email me back and I will find my documentation and tell you what they are really called.

-- Anonymous, January 16, 1999

Thanks Pete for your answer. Every time my ink has dried up, I've used water on the bottom of the cartridge to try to loosen up and then used that rubber sucker that your refering to. The ink is so dry that I cannot push or pull ink through... I've even tried to soak the cartridge for a day and then push ink or water through using that rubber sucker. It is just closed off? When I put a new cartridge on I can immediately use that sucker and it will push or pull ink through..

Any other ideas?


-- Anonymous, January 16, 1999


The only other thing would be to check your docking station. When the heads park on the PRO-36 they should all seal into the docking station on the right of the printer. It may be that you yellow station is not sealing. You may be able to see this if you look underneath the carriage, otherwise you will need to get an Encad engineer to look at this for you. If you can't do either, take the station apart and reassemble - this may realign it so it seals in future.


-- Anonymous, January 18, 1999

Simon has a good point there. For cleaning clogged heads, we've found that one of the ultrasonic cleaners that they sell for jewelry works quite well.


-- Anonymous, January 18, 1999

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