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I have seen so many pictures of your lovely island flowers and being an artist who paints these so beautifully I was wondering if there was one special flower that you are drawn to and why? Also, I am sorry to bother you with another question, but is there any flower you have not painted yet but want to?

-- Laura Emerson (, January 15, 1999


I can't really say that I have a favorite flower. I seem to be drawn to the heliconia family of plants and also the anthuriums and then of course there are always the orchids. I guess I love them all and there always seems to be a new plant that catches my eye. I always seem to find a new plant so I guess there will always be a new one for me to draw unless I live to be a really super old age. Actually there are a lot of local plants whicb I am trying to get ahold of and hopefully I can get some of them done in the near future when they bloom.

-- Teri Inouye (, January 16, 1999.

I do both. I usually take photos to get the light directions and shadings and I look at the live plant to get the composition and i take cuttings of the flowers to get the details of the flower.

-- Teri Inouye (, January 24, 1999.

Since the "pineapple dew" falls on your side of the island more often then not (so I am told) do you take photos of your plants you are drawing or do you sit in front of them while drawing?

-- Anne Higgins (, January 24, 1999.

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