'chocolate' orchid?

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How does the Sherry Baby orchid blossoms get to smell like chocolates? Has it been crossed bred with other orchids to get this wonderful smell? Are there other orchid blossoms that smell like chocolate?

-- Jayne Kurizaki (jayne_k@aloha.net), January 15, 1999


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Chocolate scented orchid

Posted by Judith Webb (judith.webb@lineone.net) on Fri, Dec 4, 98 at 14:40

Can anyone help to identify an orchid with sprays of very small, brownish-cream flowers, strongly scented of chocolate/vanilla. Plant is a psedobulb, with long, strap-like leaves, and many sprays of the flowers. Think it may be Encyclia phoenicia, but pictures seen of flowers look the wrong colour

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Chocolate scented orchid

Posted by: D Rich (bb@soundfury.com) on Fri, Dec 4, 98 at 15:30

Oncidium Sharry Baby "Sweet Fragrance" a must-have for any collection.

RE: Chocolate scented orchid

Posted by: Tiffany Behrens (tifmarbeh@aol.com) on Sat, Dec 5, 98 at 21:12

My 'sharry baby' just finished blooming. It was really fantastic!!! Quite a vigorous plant too. The only problem I had was keeping it in my bedroom (good light) caused my husband to have chocolate dreams!!!! He kept waking up in the morning and asking me for chocolate cookies!! :~)

RE: Chocolate scented orchid

Posted by: David Swoyer, SANDS ORCHI (davidmoas@AOL.com) on Sun, Dec 6, 98 at 14:14

Oncidium Sharry Baby does sound right for this plant, but your first suggestion of Encyclia phoenicium also smells of chocolate (very similar in fragrance to the Oncidium.) The Encyclia also sends up a spray of flowers with small Cattleya like shape. Brown upper petals and sepals but usually a white lip with violet veining. It is also a terrific plant that can be grown in the same conditions as the Oncidium but not as easy to find as the popular Oncidium Sharry Baby.

RE: Chocolate scented orchid

Posted by: ORHID LEMAR (LEMAR@SMINTER.COM.AR) on Tue, Dec 8, 98 at 19:04


-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), January 21, 1999.

I encountered a orchid native to Cuba while on a visit to the Orchid Gardens of Soroa (province of Pinar Del Rio, Cuba) It had a purple colored flower and a strong delicious scent of chocolate, locally named "Orquidia Chocolate". It's tear shaped bulbs were 2cm wide x 4cm tall, it's very firm leaves (2 per bulb) were about 30cm long, it sent out a long shoot (40cm) with one flower on it.

-- John (Cocinas@mindspring.com), May 27, 2001.

Off topic, there are also vanilla scented oncidiums. I have a 6 year old plant that blooms on long spikes off new growth. The flower itself is a rust red/brown w/ white, yellow, or pink lips. I've had it for a year & it's still my favorite of my collection. When it blooms, it fills the entire living room w/ the vanilla scent.

-- Eric Rosser (erosser@broomewelding.com), March 12, 2003.

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