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ARe tourists usually welcomed in hawaii or viewed as 'mainlanders' ruining the beauty?

-- Lori Kilbourn (, January 15, 1999


Just like anyplace else, there's a small minorty that don't like the tourist, but the majority love sharing the islands with everybody. It's hard not to not want to share the beauty, weather, and people of Hawaii with others. The flowers look fake or made of plastic with their vibranat, glow-in-the-dark colors. The sun shines almost every day and almost everyday is a beach day. The people are so accepting. It's funny to see people from the mainland on their first visit. They can't belive the openess and acceptance and the number of mixed marriages and children. There is still plenty of aloha to overcome the few bad apples.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 16, 1999.

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