1.Ti Plant Infestation; 2. Hula Skirts

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1. I have a beautiful Ti Plant that is in bloom right now, but about once a year it gets hit with an infestation of small white bugs (kind of like amoeba) that leave a sooty residue and do quite a bit of damage. Is this a problem in Hawaii, too?

2. I think I read somewhere that traditional hula skirts are made from the leaves of the Ti Plant, is that true?

-- Carol Slintak (surfsup@ij.net), January 15, 1999


Sounds like white fly. Are they under the leaves? If so, yes it is a big problem in Hawaii. Use mild soap solution and spray the leaves when you see them. Yes hula skirts were sometimes made of ti leaf.

-- Billy Bosnoda (bosnoda@lava.net), January 17, 1999.

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