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I received a notice with my Mastercard bill informing me I had not taken advantage of their insurance. I read the literature and then called them. I asked if in the event of Y2k, would the insurance still pay benefits.(This policy said they paid if you were unemployed) The young man I talked to Immediatly said "yes". I asked why this was not stated on the brochure. He said he did not know but the insurance would pay. Either this person gave me disinformation or Mastercard insurance is very confident that everyone will still be working for the next couple of years. What do you think?

-- Linda A. (, January 15, 1999


I think the young man to whom you spoke didn't have a clue.

-- Vic Parker (, January 15, 1999.

If the policy says they pay your monthly installments if and when you are unemployed, then they have to pay unless it specifically disclaims unemployment due to an event such as Y2K. Just read the fine print. Brought this question up a few months ago because I was offered a similar policy. Am considering it for the fall. If my company looks to be in good shape, then I cancel it.

-- David (, January 15, 1999.

I think that all those offers from the credit card companies are rip-offs. The insurance usually comes to $1 for every $100 of debt. That is an extra 1% per month. Your 19.8% card has become 31.8%. Also, does anyone know of any credit cards that promise not to harass customers with 10 phone calls per day with all these stupid offers?

-- Joe O (, January 15, 1999.

I've found that getting the person's name, and then telling them that you don't want any more sales calls, followed by "if you do, I'll get the Feds involved" usually works.

You see, it's now illegal for telemarketers to harass you. Once you've informed them that you want your name to be removed from their lists, and don't call again, if they do continue to call, you can get the Feds involved. $10000 fine.

-- Bill (, January 15, 1999.

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