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Has anyone purchased from Camera Crazy in San Francisco? They advertise a vareity of MF and LF equipment in their Shutterbug ad. They have used gear as well as grey market imports. I know what I'm getting into with grey market but am interested in the reports on this particular dealer before I get involved. Feel free to e-mail me directly .


-- Dave Schneider (, January 15, 1999



About a year or two ago I purchased a "LN" Mamiya 7 with 80f/4 from Edgar Chan [not sure about the last name] from Shutterbug, before he'd opened the retail shop in SF. The deal included cash and the trade of an older used Leica body and lenses. I found him fair, prompt and accurate in those phone and email dealings. At his suggestion, we FedEx COD'd for the total value to which we had agreed, both directions. Worked fine. I haven't dealt with him since, but have no reason to hesitate doing so.

Ted Daughety

-- Ted Daughety (, January 18, 1999.

I've had two experiences Camera Crazy, probably the best used lens buying experiences I've had. When I first called, looking to buy a 210/ 5.6 Nikkor, the lens was rated "10-". I asked Edgar what his definition of 10- was... he told me it was a mint lens that didn't have the original caps, that's all. I bought the lens and couldn't find anything on it that wasn't as-new, except the rear cap was not a Nikon cap. A very nice change from dealers who's "10" lenses are about sixth down the line from new.

The second time I called, I was looking to buy a lens and trade in a used 6x7 lens. Edgar told me that while he would be happy to take the lens on trade, I would prpobably do better selling it elsewhere: because his prices were so low, he couldn't offer me as much as other dealers would. I now trust that when I call Camera Crazy I will be treated honestly and get a good deal.

-- Mark Alan Wilson (, March 28, 1999.

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