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What time do Hawaiians have to get up to watch, say, a baseball game, in summer, between, say, Boston and Baltimore? I know the time difference is great between HI and East coast, especially in seems one in HI would have to be up at 7AM to watch it this the case??

-- Randall Shaffer (, January 15, 1999


Definitely the case. Pregame is about 6 with games starting at 7-7:30. It has its good points in that by the time the game is over, you can still get some chores and errands done or go to the beach (with the result of the game being the determining factor) versus having to do them first or debating if you should go home to watch the game or stay at the beach.

Bad point is it's awful tough to start drinking that early in the morning. For football good point, less wives and girlfriends have to put up with a drunken person pissed off at their team for losing the spread. Bad point, better get your bets in the night before. Good point, since football goes from 7am to 6pm on Sunday, you can't get any chores done. Good point you can find out who won monday night football on the 6:00 news. Bad point, you can find out who won Monday night football on the 6:00 news.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 15, 1999.

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