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Teri, Do you do any artwork in acryllics or oil-based paints? If so, would you say it's easier than watercolors? (I'd like to start painting but don't know what would be best for a beginner) Thanks!

-- April Argereow (, January 14, 1999


I don't work with acryllics or oils because I don't like the smell of the chemicals and the mess. I don't work with watercolors because they move to fast for me 8( Sorry I'm not much of a help. You may want to look into a community college or adult school in your neighborhood. You could always get books or viedeo tapes, but I felt it was easier in the beginning if there was a real person to ask for help. After that, you can experiment on your own. Have fun 8)

-- Teri Inouye (, January 14, 1999.

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