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What is it about using colored pencils that you prefer, as opposed to paint, etc.?

-- Cindy Linder (, January 14, 1999


I tried painting with oils and acrylics, but I can't stand the smell of them and I really don't like chemicals. Watercolor moves too fast for me. When my children were small, it was a lot easier to put the pencils down and come back to where I was. With oils and acrylics, it would be messy and you have all those chemicals to clean up and with kids, they can't wait. With watercolor, the moment would be lost and the water dried up after tending to the kids. So that's some of the reasons, but the most important one is that I feel comfortable with colored pencils and can get the detail that I want.

-- Teri Inouye (, January 14, 1999.

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