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I'd like to know the purpose of this bulletin board. Here's what I've heard:

The purpose of this bulletin board is for the Friday Friends (formerly, First Friday) to have an on-line place where we may continue discussions outside of our regular Friday meetings. It also offers an opportunity for our out-of- town friends to join in.

We hope that members will abide by the rules of our regular discussions: no personal attacks, considerate regard for opposing views. No offensive material, no bashing. Thank you, and enjoy!

-- Carl Arendt (carendt@pgh.net), January 14, 1999


The next meeting of the Friday Friends will take place on Feb. 12, at the home of KBush. Bring snacks and drink, this is not a full meal evening! The topic is: recollection from my childhood. Hey! Bring a snapshot if you can find one. That might be fun!


-- tippi comden (tcomden@sgi.net), January 25, 1999.

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