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Howard Belasco of Westergaard 2000 has a new article out called "Assess". It gives some tips on how to interpret SEC 10-Q filings, and then goes on to summarize the latest work of Robert Egan. Mr. Egan has done a lot of work on extracting information from the SEC 10-K/10-Q disclosure reports available at the Yahoo! or Edgar sites.

"Assess" by Howard Belasco is a must read!

Much of Howard's article deals with what companies are saying about their anticipated completion dates for remediation, both IT and embedded. It does not cover testing.

I strongly suggest you check out Howard Belasco's article yourself. But I will post some of the information here.

Announcing completion: May Department Stores, McDonald's, The Limited, Venetar (was Woolworth's), Consolidated Stores.

Joining Chevron (will miss 12/31/99): Nash Finch, U.S. Office Products.

Actually "moved up" their dates:

AMR 98/12/31 (was 99/03/31)

TransAmerica 99/03/31 (was 99/06/30)

Inacom 99/03/31 (was 99/06/30)

Slipped their dates:

Walmart 99/03/31 (was 98/12/31)

Phillip Morris 99/09/30 (was 99/06/30)

MCI Communications 99/06/30 (was 99/03/31)

JP Morgan 99/06/30 (was 98/12/31)

VAL 99/06/30 (was 99/04/30)

Fleming 99/06/30 (was 99/03/31)

Halliburton 99/09/30 (was 99/06/30)

Humana 99/03/31 (was 98/12/31)

Gateway 2000 99/09/30 (was 99/06/30)

Several companies listed anticipated finished dates for remediation for the first time. Here are just two of those:

CBS 99/12/31

Niagra Mohawk 99/12/31

Removed their dates (why?):

Tyson foods (was 98/12/31)

Corporate Express (was 99/01/31)

Westvaco (was 99/06/30)

-- Kevin (, January 14, 1999


Good work Kevin!

Gonna focus on the .gov sites for awhile, and will get back to this.

So much to search, so little time...


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 14, 1999.

That was a Typo. iIt should not read "assess" but rather "Asses" with Howard's picture prominently displayed.

-- Paul Milne (, January 14, 1999.

Did Paul Milne post the last message, or was that a troll? Paul types and spells better than that.

-- Kevin (, January 14, 1999.

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