What were those things in the Botanical Gardens?

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Hi Roy and Teri!

Thank you for your email. When I visited Oahu back in '89, we went to the Botanical Gardens. At the main entrance, right before the giant lilly pads were some sort of walls of long roots. What kind of trees are those? And were those actually giant roots coming out of the ground? By the way, this forum is great! I've enjoyed reading all the questions and answers about Hawaii. I fell in love with Oahu and wish I was there now! Warmest regards, Kathey

-- Kathey Liamis (kliamis@flash.net), January 14, 1999


We're not sure which Botanical Gardens as there are about 6 or 7, but it sounds like your describing banyan trees. Take a look at Teri's drawing to see if this is it (http://www.bothi.com/ORIGINALS/4SALE/ MISC/banyan.html). Banyan trees start to branch out and then send roots down from its branches to the ground. Kids love to swing on the roots that haven't made it to the ground. In Lahaina, they have the largest in the state in which the banyan tree covers an acre.

Glad you like the forum, good luck in the contest, and hope you can make it back to Hawaii soon. Make sure you give us a call when you get back over here 8)))

-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), January 14, 1999.

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