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I found this web site just in the past week. I have owned a T-3 for almost two years now. It came with a lens that I haven't seen advertised or even mentioned in any reviews or messages I've read on the Konica pages. It is a Sun Optical 38-90mm/f3.5 macro-zoom. All I can say is if you run across one, buy it. I have seen a review in an old Modern Photography circa 1974 re: "the new macro-zoom lenses" giving the lens an overall high rating and then using it as the benchmark to compare all the rest of the lenses reviewed. Just wanted to throw that one out there to see if anyone else knows about this lens or has anymore light (no photographic pun intended) to to shed upon it.

Ron Gerber

-- Anonymous, January 13, 1999


Sun Optical lenses

Funny you should mention these lenses. I was at a store a few months ago, and they had a Sun zoom, it was longer though (200mm?). The guy behind the counter was a Nikon user, and started waxing poetic about how in the days (I guess that was before my time), people like him used to revere the Sun Opticals. They were aparently "the bomb" as teens are fond of saying. I didn't believe him (he was really urging me to grab it while it was around), but now I see he was actually looking out for me. Nice to know. I owe somebody an apology. :)

-- Anonymous, January 14, 1999

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