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I have been on this site several times ,and have read alot of info from alot of good people out there. But am I thinking correctly, when the time frame of April 1,99 comes around Japan will be starting their fiscal year,right? Plus Canada and New York State. Should the Japanese people start withdrawning their investments in the Stock Market and money from banks here. Then the possibility of the US citizens might not see alot of ready cash being availible for our withdrawls. Then what happens when the this Y2K situation starts in Hawaii and works it's way around the Earth towards the US ? Because of the time zone change there? If the fiscal situations of those countries do effect us in April will the Dec 31,99 be a second blow to our situation of trying to ride out surviving Y2K here?? Another question too, Who was the person who saw the numbers 666 upon the Beast,within the Bible text ??? Maybe they were dyslixik (sp)like me??? And read the numbers upside down,9-99 ???

-- Furie (, January 13, 1999


There is no such thing as "correct" thinking in my book, but you might be a bit confused. As far as "fiscal" situations, I think Y2K is already having an effect, so I don't think it matters whether you are in Hawaii or Japan or Katmandu, it's just going to escalate. People are already drawing money out of stock markets, but if we have a "crash" it will happen much faster. If large Japanese banks have to shut their doors, it could presumably trigger such a reaction. In my view we have a false sense of security because of our preoccupation with the date Dec. 31, 1999 or Jan. 1, 2000. I believe that the most profound economic effects of Y2K will be seen before those dates, because in reality they have already been set in motion.

I do not believe that Satan exists, but if you're looking for "the Beast" described in the Bible, I think Bill Gates is a strong contender, and the "mark of the beast" could be that little Windows flag, the symbol of our New World Government. The Company. The Government. The World. Microsoft! Kenneth Starr has also initiated a sequence of events which I think could someday in the future reveal him to be "the Beast."

-- (@@@.@), January 13, 1999.

@@@@, pardon me, but Klinton initiated the sequence of events, not Starr. You are incorrect, and I think you know it. If you don't know it, don't try to convince most of us on this forum, because we know better.

-- Mike (, January 14, 1999.

666 is the number of man, incomplete (just like the y2k computer bug in the system). The Beast is the International Financial, political, religious system we live in. "Who is able to make war with the Beast? No one can fight the System. People try but the System usually comes back and squashes them. Watch the movie Grapes of Wrath, pay attention to the beginning where the Farmer wants to shoot someone and the Banker says, "I don't know someone in New York City." "Just ain't right. Been here all my life." There is no one to attack! How are you going to have a war. After this thing settles out (how long?) we will have peace!

-- Mark Hillyard (, January 14, 1999.

I do believe it was John, while on Patmos, That saw the vision of 666. It is described in Revelations. Since we are on this train of thought, What do you think of the Nostradamos prophecie that says we get hit by something from space in July 99?

-- Sam (, January 14, 1999.


Pardon me, but I beleive invasion of privacy and abuse of power is a much more dangerous act then accepting a blow job. Kenneth Starr and the Republicans are the "Big Brother" everyone has been saying they don't want to be controlled by, yet some of you are stupid enough to buy into it. Fortunately, the majority of our public knows deep down what the truth is and they are not going to sit by and let Big Brother control our lives and steal our freedom.

-- (@@@.@), January 14, 1999.

To Sam ( my knowledge of Nostradamous prophesy of coming objects from space in July "99 could be the Solar Flares that have made havoc with all types of Electrical systems. If it was John that described the number 666 upon the Beast was John dyslexic ??? Or did he really see 9-9-9 .As in Sept 99. ??

-- Furie (, January 14, 1999.

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