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I did not realize that this cactus grew in Hawaii --do you relly have that much desert there? I have one in my back yard --but we live in Southern California. I think the artistry on these page far exceedes any I have ever seen. Thanks for all the beauty you have shared with the world. Happy New Year and may your joys be ever unfolding.

-- Betty Zaslawsky (, January 13, 1999


The Nightblooming Cereus grows all over so I guess it likes a little rain 8))) Supposedly all the Nightblooming Cereus' in Hawaii came from the wall of Punahou School (a famous private school in Hawaii) and the Hawaiian name is Panini-o-Kapunahou. A missionary planted it on the stone wall that surrounds the school and it took off. People used to come in the eveinngs from all over the island to see them blooming--- and "borrow" some cuttings so that now we have Nightblooming Cereus all over the islands.

Also, we do have deserts on the island of Hawaii. Actually the isalnd of Hawaii has all the climate zones except the arctic zone.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 13, 1999.

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