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Are you really giving away one of Teri's beautiful Giclee prints? Last fall I spotted several of her prints in Art/Gift shops in the Kailua area. Before that I had only seen the notecards, which I love and often use as gifts. The prints are fabulous. Today is my birthday so maybe I'll be lucky and my comment will be the one to come out of the coconut hat!

Aloha nui

Molly Beucus

-- Molly Beucus (, January 13, 1999


We sure are!!! If you name gets drawn out of the coconut hat, you have your choice of either the Sea Turtles or Cattleya Orchid #8 giclee. Glad you love the note cards, good luck, and Happy Birthday 8)))

-- Roy Inouye (, January 13, 1999.

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