I'm not usually paranoid, but....

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I'm not usually paranoid, but I got TWO calls in one week from Mastercard checking "large purchases" for fraud control. Yes, I understand it is for checking to see whether someone has stolen my card, but it gives me the heebie jeebies thinking someone is watching my purchases. And I don't think they were that "large:" one $1,500 charge, another $1,200, another $600. I've made purchases of those amounts and more before. Has anyone else experienced this?

-- PrepGal (way@to.go), January 13, 1999


Relax. My folks get this all the time, they travel and make large purchases. My read is that your credit card company is just keeping you protected, nothing more.

-- Buffalo Bob (buff@halliburton.com), January 13, 1999.

My company called to offer me legal services; said I could talk to their legal team (lawyers) 24/7 for 9.95 per mo.----Duh

-- Prepguy (everywhichway@to.go), January 13, 1999.

They generally don't have some guy looking over your purchases. They use neural network software or other automated pattern-finders. The software learns to recognize fraudulent purchases, then anything it flags they check up on. Obviously they err on the side of caution.

-- Shimrod (shimrod@lycosmail.com), January 13, 1999.

Be glad that they are checking it out. Just prior to Christmas '97, someone(s) committed credit card fraud against myself and my husband. They had every vital piece of information about, and managed to troll through $17K before anyone knew what was happening. We did not lose any cards...they simply had new ones sent to another address. We ended up taking the case to the Secret Service (and yes folks they do also work for us)... We were told that the rate of credit card fraud by major organized groups has exploded, and with their help managed to settle all accounts without being abused for a second time by the credit card companies. The fraud was stopped after a lot of time and paperwork....telephone calls...and contacts with all creditors, the three major credit info companies... and finally, after being told there was no way to block certain cards from the overly "user friendly" automated systems, I had to cancel some. I have kept all major cards I now own 'blocked' requiring a telephone call from my home number and a double password to reactivate. So be glad they have upped their alertness to purchasing patterns ... especially around the holidays. burnt in TX

-- Burnt (at@home.com), January 13, 1999.

Burnt -- " I have kept all major cards I now own 'blocked' requiring a telephone call from my home number and a double password to reactivate. "

This make it impossible for you to use the cards either, right?

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), January 13, 1999.

I closed all my credit card accounts except for Discover Card. I made two purchases back-to-back and I got two calls from them wanting to know if I made two purchases recently. I was glad they did that because I rarely use my card except for emergency situations. I also wrote on the back of my card "ASK FOR ID."

-- bardou (bardou@baloney.com), January 13, 1999.

Yes, it has effectively shut down any use of the cards. We kept two of them one of mine and one of his in the case of emergency need for cash... as in need for unexpected travel, car problems, etc. It was a disaster at first...we were farther into the typical impulse consumerism than either of us realized until it wasn't possible to buy without preplanning... so in the end it was a good thing. We are now out of the credit game.

And happy to be so.

-- burnt (at@home.com), January 14, 1999.

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