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I wanted to inform everyone that 93.3 FM in Atlanta, Georgia has been hosting a number of talks with Michael Hyatt abotu Y2K and being the well educated and informed person that I am I tend to think that Mr. Hyatt is not only a moraly stabile man but also a good representative of this current problem. One point I wanted to reiterate to all of you that "contengincey planning" works both ways. In a shakspearian motto adapted to this issue... " To Y2K or not Y2K ".

It's good to plan for the future and that means TEOTWAWKI and quite possibly the COTWAWKI. The Continuation Of The World As We Know It. So before you rush out to spend last week's paycheck on kerosene, bottled water, and food, rememeber that some of the most highly advocated Y2K specialists that predict even the most severe repercussions from this are themselves also buying mutual funds, Treasury bonds and consulting with finacial planners for the next three years. Gold and Silver are doing quite well actually, and climbing at unprecedented rates. Yeah I know what your thinking, but before you quote Gary North's predictions for total economical collapse understand that no body is 100% for sure yet, and it's good to hedge your bets for both sides of the coin flip... as it will land Heads or Tails.

PS: Please don't make references to old episodes of sci-fi television episodes that clearly make it a mathematical certainty that sometimes the coins lands on it's edge. =)

-- Adam (, January 13, 1999



Again, the fact that the National Guard, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the National Guard have Y2K on their web sites is credible information. If they suggest some Y2K preparation, that should be good enough for anyone.

Preparation is an ongoing thing. If the news gets better, we can slow down our preparations. If it gets worse, we just keep preparing like we have been.

-- Kevin (, January 13, 1999.

Adam - Michael Hyatt has stated a number of times that he's completely out of the stock market and has been for months. Variety of reasons given, only some of which are Y2K-related.

Sing along now:

"Be prepared, that's the Boy Scouts' marching song, be prepared, as through life you march along..."

--- "Be Prepared", Tom Leher

-- Mac (, January 13, 1999.

While I don't agree with your reasons, Adam, that's a good reminder.

Putting all of my eggs in any single basket is dangerous, and likely premature...

-- Grrr (, January 13, 1999.


I hope you're not implying that Michael Hyatt is buying mutual funds. I just happened yesterday to read this from Michael Hyatt:

"Build An Emergency Cash Reserve Fund"

-- Kevin (, January 13, 1999.

Just adding my .02.......Preparation is basically an all or nothing proposition at this point. This is not on a sliding time scale. If you don't know by now you better make up your mind one way or the other. If you think its going to be bad your better keep your oars moving and if you don't, buy Intel. There isn't time to keep debating this damn thing.


-- CP (, January 13, 1999.

I would love to "play both sides" of the Y2K issue, but not being phenomonally wealthy, I can't. I suspect that not many other people can, either. So, having that private helicopter standing by on New Years Eve to evacuate from your New York City penthouse, and take you to the secluded Y2K fortress out in the country protected by your mercenary army, is just not feasible.

So, for practical reasons, one must generally choose what to prepare for and pump in the resources. And the safest bet around is TEOTWAWKI.

-- Jack (, January 14, 1999.

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