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Stuart H. Rodman on Art Bell *NOW*...

Excerpt from website:-

"Dateline USA, Wednesday January 5, 2000: long lines at banks, shelves in supermarkets stripped bare by panic driven horders. The North American Power Grid has been down since January 1.

Bottled water, batteries, canned foods, sold out. Pharmacies unable to confirm prescription medication orders by telephone.

Electronic credit cards transactions, ATMs disabled due to lack of telecommunications; all sales cash only. Your check won't be accepted!

The National Guard has been called out to prevent looting, impose curfew.

There is no running water, heat, or telephone.

Record breaking cold predicted for the northeastern United States; sick, children, and elderly feared at risk.

Hospitals, supplies already dwindling, now operating on backup generators only, are unable to meet demand and are forced to turn away many. Even critical surgeries are canceled due to computer failure.

Worldwide, military radar systems are malfunctioning, satellite surveillance disabled.

Nation's military on full alert.

Mistrustful world leaders huddle, fearful of accidental attack, exploitation by terrorists or others.

Even the mainstream media, including 60 Minutes, generally concede that the y2k computer glitch will, almost without a doubt, shut down computers worldwide on January 1, 2000 -there is neither the time, the money, or the certain know how to prevent many essential systems from failing.

By now, you've probably heard it all before. Its y2k, the Millenium Bug!

But, did you know that:

Its not just about computers- it's the Black Boxes that will bring down the power grid!


Although you never voted on it or read about in the newspapers, the United States government has quietly assigned responsibility for developing a y2k rescue plan for the North American Power Grid, to an elite, private group of insiders, largely unheard of by the public.

Did you know that THEY have a plan for US?

This story details the results of independent research and reveals to the public for the first time the truth about electric power from the engineers and power brokers within the electric utility industry.

Will there be electric power after January 1, 2000?

This story examines the results of an assessment commissioned last spring by the U.S. Department of Energy upon authority granted by the President of the United States.

7 Learn about the vulnerability of black boxes imbedded throughout the power grid and how they depend upon signals from potetially defective satellites orbiting in space to transmit electric power from one community to the next.

7 See how machines are running the people.

7 Hear the industry leaders speak of date sensitive digital control equipment which often lacks a user interface and which is beyond the control even of the technicians assigned to operate them.

7 Listen as the industry insiders tell the U. S. Department of Energy that the failure of even one of the 112,000 substations in the North American continent can have a cascading effect on the entire power grid, and that it is inconcievable that all y2k vulnerable equipment can be identified and remediated prior to the millenium day.

7 Discover for yourself, that 25% of the power companies comprising the North American Power Grid, refuse even to participate in their own industry's rescue plan!

7 Are the electric utility companies operating a run away freight train?

Recent published reports have shown that the government has falsified reports about the y2k readiness and safety of our nuclear weapons arsenal.

Who will we trust to ensure that we have drinking water, heat, and power in the year 2000?

The cost of fixing the grid will be in the billions of dollars: Will the rate payers pick up the ultimate tab?"


Joe-bob says check it out...

-- Andy (, January 13, 1999


Just visited his website. He's echoing what Gary North has been saying all along.

-- bardou (, January 13, 1999.

I caught part of the segment last evening. I didn't hear Rodman say much, but I think he was basically refuting the happy-face approach of this week's NERC report. There were several bleak testimonials by utility managers and workers. For instance, someone from a northwest hydro utility said that some percentage of the dcs systems (black boxes) would absolutely fail, but many of those would have to be fixed on failure because it would be impossible to find all of them ahead of time. And, all six managers in his office had bought extra large generators for their homes. Can anyone contribute some of the other caller comments? The Rodman URL Andy provided has an informative link to:

Stuart Rodman

-- Brooks (, January 13, 1999.

After three hours of telling us how bad off the grid is, Art asked him what he personally was doing to prepare. He stammered out "wwelll I'm putting back four or five DAYS worth of food. After that the state emergency sevices should be in action." What a hero. One caller sold solar power units. He said eight out of his last 22 orders have been from electric utility executives from the Florida area.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, January 13, 1999.

If you have the time, I think it's worth a listen. The interview with Rodman starts at the top of the 2nd hour of the show.

Listen to the Stuart Rodman Interview

-- Bingo1 (, January 13, 1999.

Good point about the executives Nikoli.

Art opened up the phones and asked only that people working within the Power industry call. The calls I heard, prior to finally falling asleep, were not very positive. I didn't hear any caller say anything that would reassure me. It was quite the opposite.

Mike ==================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, January 13, 1999.

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