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I was forwarded a copy of the entire minutes from the National Guard's Executive Council Meeting in November of 1998. Hopefully, posting this will not "earn" me a visit from anyone in uniform. :-) The following are the notes pertaining to Y2K. Interesting that they talk about the mobilization in APRIL of 1999:

National Guard Association of the United States

Executive Council Meeting Minutes, 19-21 November 1998

Y2K Issue:

7 Excellent article in NGAUS Magazine.

7 Will conduct MOBEX/CONEX in Apr 99.

7 We must figure out what we can do to be prepared.

7 We may have to rely on FM. We will not retrograde.

7 We must have alternative plans.

7 The National Guard cannot afford to fail.

7 The National Contingency plan:

7 Identifies calling up the National Guard.

7 NGB has identified costs and this has raised a lot of eyebrows.

7 We need to figure out how to do the mission.

7 NGB will not do this in a vacuum. They will work with the States.

7 Bottomline is that the National Guard will be there, however we cannot do everything.

-- Gayla Dunbar (privacy@please.com), January 12, 1999


Forgot to add......the entire "minutes" are 50 pages long. Some people have been able to access the site who are NOT members. I could not. If this was discussed in November in the minutes, how long had it been planned??? To me, this gives a little more credence to the WorldNetDaily articles.

-- Gayla Dunbar (privacy@please.com), January 13, 1999.

Gayla, thank you, this is more confirmation. It only makes sense. It would be more alarming if they said/did nothing. Can you find the "Excellent article in NGAUS Magazine" ?? It would be good to see what the NG deems 'excellent' in regard to Y2K.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Leska (allaha@earthlink.net), January 13, 1999.

This is more like it.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me voice again my opinion that the military is not going to be the "bad guy" if TSHTF. These guys are going to be more worried about how to help us than any possible conspiracies to "take over".

I suspect that it is quite true that "being in charge" during the chaos some of us envision is not going to be anlything like fun and that candidates for such will be few and far between.

That just seems like common sense to me.


It's really good to see you back!

-- Hardliner (searcher@internet.com), January 13, 1999.

Thanks Gayla!

Any time between now and 1/1/00 that someone tells me "no problems maaann" regarding Y2K, I will keep in mind this day and this report.

-- Sue (Conibear@gateway.net), January 13, 1999.

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