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After graduating from high school I attended the local community college in the Falls, Rainy River Community College. It was at Rainy River when I decided that I wanted to be an elementary teacher. After passing through my elementary grades with reading as little as possible and only putting in enough effort to be an average student in high school, I realized that maybe I could help those students who are like myself academically. I could rekindle or install in youngsters the love for books and learning. I received my Associate of Arts degree from Rainy River and moved on to the University of Duluth for a year. I felt sort of lost in the freshman classes my first year and transferred to finish up my college education at St.Scholastica. At St.Scholastica I did fairly well with my classes and really enjoyed the elementary teaching classes. These classes interested me much more than the general classes taken at Rainy River. There was one teacher at St.Scholastica who had a huge influence on me and my teaching style. This lady was always there for me when I had a question and never left me feeling inferior but talked to me one-on-one as an adult. She made me believe in myself and always told me to never give up when things seemed to be falling apart. She was right and I hope she knows how grateful I am for the time and advice she gave me. My past educational preparation is only a beginning for me. I realize that I must continue on with my education and that there is always something more to learn. I am just as much a student as the children I am teaching. I have learned from my mistakes and experiences and because of these I will become a better teacher. I know what some of the students are going through because I went through some of the same experiences myself. But there are many things of which I cannot even begin comprehending, such as a parentless child, and I know I must learn from my students just as they will be learning from me.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 1999

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