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Curious about whom is not doing his/her job with respect to Y2K? Fed up with the Y2K efforts of your elected officials? Want to do something about it? Then nominate your favorite Y2K-stiff to the Y2K Doghouse!

"The "Y2K Doghouse" is the place to go for a comprehensive list of the biggest Y2K Slackers. Placement in the "Y2K Doghouse" is open to "All public and commercial entities and their elected and non-elected representatives who 1) exhibit a poor appreciation of the Year 2000 Problem and its implications, and/or 2) fail to show the appropriate initiative and leadership in addressing their internal Y2K Project.""

Nominees for the "Y2K Doghouse" may be sent to Westergaard Year 2000 Editor John Yellig accompanied by an explanation.

-- Tomcat (tomcat@tampabay.rr.com), January 12, 1999


On behalf of all canines, we are very offended ....

-- BigDog (BigDog@duffer.com), January 12, 1999.

Yeah, BigDog, better that these people should be sent to the cathouse... umm... wait... no, that ain't right either...


-- Bob Benson (appysys@inreach.com), January 12, 1999.

There is so much competition. Start with Al Gore (Mr.Technology), Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan,(former programmer) Ross Perot,(why has he been silent on this), Steve Jobs, (If Apple had become the standard, it would not be a problem so he screwed up by losing out to microsoft.) The american public for not listening, the Republicans and Democrats for demigoging the other issues and ignoring the important ones. Investors in the stock market who ignore reality and push share prices up to make the 1929 prices look cheap in comparison. We are 3000 Dow points higher than a mania and at an all time high considering earnings. The internet stocks selling so high when there may not even be an internet next year. Those "investors" will lose 99% of their investment if they hang on. The last group is the esteemed legal counsel who advise their clients not to admit that they will not be compliant and not to claim that they are compliant because some other greedy attorney may sue the company. As a result there is a shortage of reliable information. Last but not least, most of the press which either ignores or sensationalizes the problem planes falling out of the sky (they will not take off) cars will not start (not likely), electricity will be available (not likely). The people are in for a rude surprise unless our leaders start to tell the truth. Can all of this lying be traced back to slick Willie? His legacy will be Y2k and the depression. The Monica thingy will be but a footnote in 10 years if the country still has a functioning government.

-- Steve (notstupid@home.com), January 12, 1999.

My German Shepard just started peeing in his doghouse after reading that everyone was going into his dog house....

The nominees are: (imagine a drum roll) No.6: Kenneth Starr (He get's blaimed for everything else... why not y2k..?

No.4: The Media (for not investigating y2k more seriously and asking the tough questions like the vanity fair article, but instead glossing over and telling us we are all nutcases...)

No.4: CEO's and other business leaders like Bill Gates etc. ( for not having the balls in coming forward and being honest about their progress and likely failures)

No.3: Programmers for wanting to save memory and screwing up... (I am 50 - 50 on that... They did not know what they got us into BUT they also did not have the balls to stand up to management)

No.2: Bill Clinton for wanting nothing else but power and interns, ruining this country and not coming forward in a press conference and to show us how we "really" can pull together. Instead he hides behind Hillary's pants (she doesn't wear skirts... that's bill's department)


And the number one person or people to put in that filthy doghouse are :

All the stupid Project Managers and CEO's that by wanting to save a couple bucks have pretty much spit in everyone's soup...

-- Cyberspace (nobody@why.am.I.not.putting.my.real.name.on.this?), January 12, 1999.

Id like to simply nominate ... Y2K ... for the dog house. (Leave the kitties alone)!

On a lighter note, all dogs should be Y2K alarmed! -- Diane

... Letterman's list

David Letterman believes these are some of the depressing thoughts that occur to your dog:

``I haven't felt as attractive since that doctor surgically removed my sex organs.''

``Oh, God, he's going to make me chase that damn Frisbee again.''

``What if the computers at Alpo can't handle the Y2K bug?''

``How would he like it if I called myself Snoop Humany Human?''


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), January 12, 1999.

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