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I have tried to burn like seven VCD's, and i can not get it to work for me, when i read the disk it says that it's 627mb but i try and make the image of the disk it say image is too large to copy to a 74 min CD-R. One of the DAT files are 715 Mb or better how do you get over that??? HElppppppp

-- Derrick Johnson (Seenone@aol.com), January 12, 1999


Here is what I do for simplicities sake. Capture 60 minutes of Video first, then burn it. Next Capture the rest of the movie, or the next 60 minutes and burn it. Continue until finished. It is easier and less ofa headache to put only about 60=65 minutes of video and audio on the disc. Many motion picture studios and pirates do this. It also prevents the disc from becoming unbalanced(a problem incurred by another so-called movie cd(AVI))

-- Will Shakes (soldier0081@hotmail.com), May 07, 1999.

The size does not make a differance, it is the time. VCD is limited to 74 minutes. use WebFlixPro to convert the dat to mpg, then use nero to make the cd. The menus will not be there, you will have to recreate them if you want. else the cd will work like a vhs tape , you put it and press play and it goes no menu. i have heard that adaptec eazycd delux will use the dat file so it will save you the conversion step. I use xing encoder to convert vcd pal mpeg to vcd ntsc mpg, I have had sucess using cdrw too. this is great because i can test the different formats out with out wasting $1 a pop cdr. good luck

-- GaAnKaK (Saber@-nospam-howling.com), November 21, 1999.

If you're just trying to copy the vcd just use CDRWIN. I've never had problems with it.


-- HazyMind (hayzmind@earthlink.net), November 22, 1999.

CDFS = Compact Disk File System

You are mixing to different things: (Sorry for my bad english, I4m german)

A standard compact disk has somwhere around 750 MB. If you burn a CD containing data for computers, approx. 15% of this capacity will be used for error-correction, and you end up with 650 MB. If you burn an audio-CD, you can use the full capacity. You can verify this, when you rip a full audio-CD (74 minutes) with an audio-grabber, you will find approx. 740 MB on your harddisc.

VideoCD4s are a mix of this two methods, basically there are two sessions. There will be a very small session in front with the menu and some informations, then comes the second (large) session with the video data. The session with the video data contains no error-correction-codes, so wil end up with a capacity much like audio-CD4s, 74 minutes / approx. 740 MB.

With 80 minutes-CDRs you will even be able to make VCDs with 80 minutes of video, but will have to try if your VCD-Player is able to read this CDRs, because this CDRs are going to the limits of the tolerances.

To help you with your Problem: Try the Video-CD-Creator from Adaptecs Easy-CD Creature deLuxe, but don4t update above V 3.0c, higher Versions have a bug. Video-CD-Creator takes care of the details, just give him a MPEG with the right framerates and bitrates. Look for details in the help of this prog.

Good luck.

-- Falk (mabuse@bigfoot.de), March 02, 2000.

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