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Does anyone know where I can buy an All American Pressure Canner? I searched the web and can't locate a home site for the manufacturer or a retailer who sells one. I've read where they make the best and most durable pressure canners using metal-to-metal seals (eliminates the problems with rubber o-rings).

Any assistance would be appreciated.


-- David (, January 12, 1999


Try Lehman's or Cumberland for this item. Both on Web, both over-loaded with orders. We've heard mixed reviews, though. We may buy a wonderful Francais-made one but very expensive and I can't remember the mfg. Help, anyone?

-- BigDog (, January 12, 1999.

I have one... The instruction book includes mfr address: Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co., Inc. P.O. Box 246 Manitowoc, WI 54221-0246 Hope that helps

-- Suzanne (, January 12, 1999.

I was refering to the All American pressure cooker/canner... Suzanne

-- Suzanne (, January 12, 1999.

Thanks Suzanne and Big Dog!

I went to Lehman's and discovered they had a similar product (metal-to-metal) pressure canner. They have 3 sizes ranging from 10 1/2 quarts ($99.95) to 21 1/2 quarts ($139.00).


-- David (, January 12, 1999.

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