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THIS website lists year 99 failures and caterogrizes them by industry, business etc. THIS is the info to help keep you 5 steps ahead in the y2k game , when stuff gets tight, supplies, money, banks decide to close the boom on you you won't be caught you be ahead


-- sean (, January 12, 1999


Sean-thanks. I went to the site and your link pulled up only the Media Industry. Took off " Media_Industry.htm" and entered and it pulled up the main page...just a tip for people who are somewhat computer impaired at times, like myself .


-- Mercy (, January 12, 1999.

I have a major problem with this site as it does not name the application or OS or machine, etc. that is having trouble. This is just begging for trolls to send in false reports, and is why I want serial#s and model#s submitted in my search for PLC's with confirmed problems.

-- Paul Davis (, January 12, 1999.

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