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Listen folks, don't waste time. Every day, buy something that contributes to your well being. Get matches, get to the country if possible. I have a place surrounded by woods, a woodstove and a cook woodstove, just got a dog and two cats, got 1000 pounds of wheat berries and 300 pounds of rice, have a neighbour with an artesan well, have 70 boxes of matches and gonna buy some more, have lots of seed for the garder, warm clothes, two 8 pd mauls, etc etc. What are YOU waiting for? No more excuses!!


-- believer (, January 11, 1999


Dear Dad: There's something missing in your diet. If you plan to live on wheat berry's and rice, you are missing the boat! Hope you have a variety of other things to supplement your diet. Like canned fruits, veggies, meats, beans, etc. To be honest with you, I haven't one single ounce of wheatberry in my storage. I don't want to hassle with grinding it into flour! No thank you! I have other alternatives.....

-- slowmoe (, January 11, 1999.

Slowmoe, what are your other "alternatives" if you don't mind the question. I have a few wheat berries, but feel my stock is inadequate. However grinding wheat berries is not for sissies; so would prefer an alternative if you would care to share it.

-- gilda jessie (, January 12, 1999.

Uh, Dad, not to be picky or anything, but what's with the 70 boxes of matches? At 100 matches per box, that's 7,000 matches, 3,500 campfires if you're a good Boy Scout. At one fire a day, you're set for more than nine years there. You see them as trade goods, maybe? Just curious about the panic-y note in your post.

-- Cash (, January 12, 1999.

100 matches per box? Try 1000. And wheat berries are great sprouted. Don't worry, I have a garden on the go as well.


-- dad (, January 12, 1999.

Don't forget your sunflower seeds, garbanzos, quinoa, and alfalfa sprouts! Lots more. Gotta have live enzymes.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Leska (, January 12, 1999.

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