Expensive to live in Hawaii?

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Is it expensive to live in Hawaii?

-- Kim Dolle (kdolle@webtv.net), January 11, 1999


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Take a look at our "Cost of Living/Housing" section for questions and answers about the cost of living in Hawaii. Our cost of living is high, but to me it's worth it. The water is perfect---none of this hard or soft water. The people pretty much get along so that the schools are all mixed up. There's nothing like a Huff Ave or Watts or Harlem. Best of all is you can go to the beach all year round 8)))

-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), January 14, 1999.

Hi, I am interested in moving back to Hawaii. Could please help me to find the right location. I use to live in Kailua,Oahu, that was back in 1966. What part of town would be a good place to live. Is it true that the center of the island is less expensive. I am not sure how to spell Mili Lani Town. I will have to look up the spelling of that town.

What is the tax rate? What is an average electric bill for a family of two. Also do you have the nam of a good realitor that I could get some more infomation from?

How do you like living on the islands? I am sure it is still wonderful. There is nothing like Hawaii. Thanks for your help. Marie

-- Marie Lamberson (babyyears345@yahoo.com), November 01, 2002.

Hi Kim, Have you been to Hawaii lately? We have been coming to Hawaii for the past 10 years. The housing is high, but we have not looked into the duplexes, so I am hoping to do that. I am hoping to find something reasonable. I suppose we could rent an apartment for 3 months and live in Hawaii that way. I suppose living in Hawaii for a short time is better than not at all. What I have found that if you go to China town to buy vegetables and differnt things there, there things to seem to be less expensive and they are very clean and taste good. Since food can be a little high, what better time than to learn to cut back and get our bodies a little leaner. You can always share a place with a family or someone who needs a roomate. Marie

-- Marie Lamberson (babyyears345@yahoo.com), June 14, 2003.

I am looking to move to Oahu, to finish my college. My girlfriend our daughter and her son all are going to. My GF has a good job here in Oregon at a Headstart and we are aprehensive about moving. Please help ease our concerns.

-- Jason Taylor (jasont4@hotmail.com), February 18, 2004.

Hawaii is expensive to live and you must shop hard and fast for the perfect apartment/house at the perfect price. Many 2-3 bedroom apartments will go for 1100-1300/month at the least. You'll be lucky if you find a good apartment for less than that. Great areas are mililani, salt lake, aiea, kunia, waipio. low crime rates and very good community.

-- Frank M. Kuresa (fkuresa@willamette.edu), November 10, 2004.

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