What is Ti??

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What exactly is Ti and can it be grown on the Mainland. Living in Northern Nevada I find there are a number of things I can grow, without baking them half-to-death, in greenhouse window or outdoors. Is Ti like a tea that you can drink or is it something eatable? Loved Hawaii when I was there, just wish the cost of living wasn't so high.

-- Terri Bodoh (TerriNV@aol.com), January 11, 1999


Here's a site for history and lore (http://www.hawaii-nation.org/ canoe/ki.html) and here's one for growing (http://www.vg.com/vg/ timelife/cg/Books/E06/Html/E06033X%2Ehtml). Hope this helps 8))

-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), January 21, 1999.

Although ti is not toxic, it is not used for consumption. Pacific Islanders have long used ti for cooking though, as sort of a foil wrapping to heat the consumables within. It is also used medicinally and for spiritual purposes. Ti is an erect, woody, evergreen plant that can grow to 12 feet or more in height. It loves moist, cool wind-free climates but can adapt to varying situations.

-- Kunane Leigh (kunane@nursery.com), January 23, 1999.

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