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The new North American Electric Reliability Council just put out there newest report on Y2k today(70 pages) The conclusion on page two seems to say that there won't be very many problems with power. Get it at

-- Steiner (, January 11, 1999


The executive summary is very encouraging, but its optimism doesn't match many of the more recent quotes that I've read. A good example would be:

I hope it's true. Only time will tell I guess.

-- Grizzled Programmer (, January 11, 1999.

Press Release -- January 11, 1999

STATEMENT OF JOHN A. KOSKINEN, Assistant to the President and Chair, Presidents Council on Year 2000 Conversion 0111NERC.htm

There is no evidence at this time that the Y2K problem will create national failures in electric power service. Indeed, the industry is making significant progress in preparing critical systems for the Year 2000, and is taking an aggressive approach to contingency planning.

Talk about zip! Then why all the National Guard preparation, huh?


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 12, 1999.

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