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Self Assessment

My undergraduate work was at the University of Minnesota. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and a coaching license. I have been a teacher and coach since I graduated. This is my twenty-fourth school year. I teach in a program called Outreach. I am a special education teacher for E/BD students. I am also the head volleyball coach at Falls High School. I am fortunate because I have been employed at a job that I don't think of as work, it is my life style.

My job is gratifying because it helps fulfill a goal to live a product life that contributes in some way to society. I am driven by the belief that we all have a purpose and I feel mine is to be in a helping profession. (I also feel, not knowing in exactly what way at this time, that a part of this destiny is to help animals in some manner.) I am fortunate to live in a community I have affection and concern for, a home on Rainy Lake in an environment that provides me with a life style I am content with, and a job I truly enjoy. I have hands on with being an educator, environmentalist, conservationist and an animal activist.

Professionally, my day insists of continual problem solving and behavior management. I believe that a teacher's job should extend beyond the classroom. My professional goals also extend throughout the entire school environment. Participating and seeing positive changes are gratifying and rejuvenating. I have been, and want to continue, active on committees that are formed to help teachers and students have a better and more productive environment. I was a member of the original MEEP team that implemented Site-based Management at the high school. I am a committee member of the Renaissance program which focuses on recognition for contributions and achievement of staff and students. I participate on the Teacher Assistance Team which provides assistance to teachers for troubled students. I am also the chairman of the district's Staff Development Committee. In the future I plan on continuing to be active in participating on committees. I want to make FHS a better place and provide my students with a chance for a better life. The path I will choose will be my focus on the need I see at the time and what mission I am pursing.

In the future, two areas that I will be focusing my attentions on are the Minnesota Graduation Rule and the impact of computers and computing skill will have on schools and their students. The implementation of the graduation rule and standards will require school districts to look at educating students in a different manner. I also foresee a need of the special education department to regroup in the way they provide services. Also, with the increase and demand of technology in our schools, I see a need to develop and increase my computer skills. My thesis project will explore some aspect of technology. I plan on taking every opportunity in correlating all assignments in the M.ED. Program with learning more on both of these areas. I am looking forward to the next steps in both of these areas and I will be channeling my energies and time into them.

-- Anonymous, January 11, 1999

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