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My wife and I have long been viewers of Miss America, Miss USA In recent years, Hawaii has made a great comeback with the number of winners from Hawaii. What cultural learning/difference has been the most helpful in motivating and driving these women to win? What sets these women at the top from all the other state winners?

-- John James (, January 11, 1999


Maybe it's the mix of the 50 or so ethnicities that help. Also found out that Hawaii has the fewest overweight people in the nation (19.7% here versus 30% nationally). Possible reasons are as a whole we are more physically active because of the weather---a lot tougher to stay inside eating and watching tv when it's sunny and 83 outside than if it was cloudy and -10. Also, a lot of the various cultures have low fat dishes since meat and pork was not available. Also, Hawaii residents live 4 years longer than the mailand.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 21, 1999.

It seems that all the winners; Carolyn Sapp, Brook Lee, & Angela Baraquio had what it took to win their titles. They had personalities that the prelim judges was interested in,and then took to the finals. The others, they lacked 'spunk' although some made Top 10. These 3 winners had their own individuality. **Carolyn Sapp was the most attractive w/talent. **Brook Lee had the most humor w/beauty and brain **Angela B was very humble w/beauty.

But out of these 3, Brook Lee is THE ONE.

-- mattmartin (, January 27, 2002.

I think that pageants become many girls opportunity to pursue their goals or they use pageants to utilize their talents. Opportunity is limited on the island. The girls from Hawaii are raised to be family oriented and humble, and value where they come from. Many girls run in pageant after pageant for years and get good training that way. SOME, not all, also learn the politics of pageants and play it to win. Brook, Angela, & Carolyn, I have to say were great honest winners, though. So, I would have to say they are more likely to be primed & polished through experience & usually stand out due to diverse ethinic backgrounds. Hawaii girls are just unique...


-- Tee Tee (, May 20, 2002.

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