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Regarding bank policies for y2k compliancy. My husband is president of a company and around May 1998 the company applied for a loan and again for a comm. mortgage in late 1998. The bank requires y2k compliancy forms to be filled out as well as they required information about our vendors and their compliancy.

One interesting note. The loan officer that I dealt with told me that she was worried about the situation. That her father is ex-military and has sold his house and bought an acreage in southern AZ. Completely self-sufficient. Windmill, planting fruit trees, stockpiling. Didn't comfort me too much to say the least

-- lulu (, January 11, 1999


I'm acquainted with a retired Fortune 100 executive who has told his extended family (3 married children and their spouses, at least 5 grandchildren) to plan to take a vacation to the Caribbean over next New Year's, at his expense. No mention of Y2K, though.

-- Tom Carey (, January 11, 1999.

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