Buggered in Washington

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Long feature in The Seattle Weekly a free intertainmant paper. It gives a lot of info on people bunkering down in the state of Washington. Title:Buggered, only 358 days till the end of the world.



-- Martin Thompson (Martin@aol.com), January 10, 1999


Interesting, Martin.


http://www.seattleweekly.com/features/anderson0107/ index.html

-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), January 11, 1999.

Thanks Martin. Diane sometimes I'd like to print out newspaper articles like this one, but they're printer unfriendly. Some articles have a for "Print-Out Use," but not this one. Are there any tricks for printing without wasting so much paper? TIA

-- gilda jessie (jess@listbot.com), January 11, 1999.

Gilda --

It's a little time-consuming, but what I've done with some of these "printer-unfriendly" articles is this.

1) Copy the text into WordPerfect. (This must be doable in M/S Word too.)

2) Replace all instances of [HRt][HRt] with @@ (may have to iterate this)

3) Replace all instances of [HRt] with a single space

4) Replace all instances of @@ with [HRt]

5) If 3) was iterated, replace all instances of [HRt]HRt] with [HRt]

6) Add header (or footer) with the URL and [Page #] of [Total Pages]

From there on, do what thou wilt with fonts, fontsizes, columns, page setup, indents, etc. etc.

One WP8 code that shows up sometimes in an HTML page is [12:160] which has to be removed one by one in [Reveal Codes]. The spell check flags this code (shown as a dot) but won't allow replacement.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), January 11, 1999.

Sorry. 5) should read

5) If 2) was iterated...

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), January 11, 1999.

If you're on a Mac, just highlight All of the article (Apple A), Copy it (Apple C), create a New word file (Apple N if Word is already loaded), copy the article to the word file (Apple V), and Save under whatever name you like (Apple S, Seattle Times y2k, hit return). the entire process takes less than five seconds. You might have to go through the story afterwards to fix indents and returns, but it will be easily printable.

-- Cash (cash@andcarry.com), January 11, 1999.

MS Word 97 will automatically convert html documents to standard text format

-- Bill S. (arlene@inreach.com), January 11, 1999.

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